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That's All Right





Arthur (Big Boy) Crudup wrote and recorded That's All Right (Mama) in 1946 under the title I Don't Know It. In 1949 he again recorded the song - this time as That's All Right (Mama) (RCA 50-0000). The flip side was Crudup's After Hours.


Elvis recorded That's All Right on the evening of July 5, 1954 - his first commercial recording session at Sun Records. As Scotty Moore tells it, he, Elvis, and Bill Black were taking a break in the studio, having already put Harbor Lights and I Love You Because on tape, when Elvis began cutting up by singing That's All Right. Moore and Black joined him. Sam Phillips popped out of the control room and asked Elvis what he was doing and would he please do it again. Within a short time, an acceptable take was recorded and Elvis had the A side of his first release. The following evening, Blue Moon of Kentucky was recorded as the B side.


Phillips quickly made some acetates of That's All Right / Blue Moon of Kentucky and gave copies to Dewey Phillips of WHBQ, Uncle Richard of WMPS, and Sleepy-Eyed John Lepley of WHHM. On the evening of July 7, 1954, at about nine-thirty, Dewey Phillips played That's All Right on his radio program Red, Hot and Blue. When he learned that Phillips was going to play his record, Elvis went to the Suzore No 2 Theater to see The Best Years of Our Lives. Before leaving home he told his parents to listen to the program. Legend has it that Phillips played That's All Right fourteen times and received forty-seven telephone calls from listeners. Wanting to do an interview with Elvis, he called the Presley home. Vernon had to run down to the theater to get Elvis.


When Elvis arrived at the WHBQ studios, Phillips cautioned him not to say anything dirty. He then cued up a couple of records and began asking Elvis questions. One of the first was where he went to school. When Elvis answered "Humes High", Phillips's audience immediately knew that he was white, since Humes was an all-white school. Many of the listeners had thought the singer was black. After a brief chat, Phillips thanked Elvis. When Elvis asked when he was going to be interviewed, Phillips said he had just finished interviewing him - the mike had been on all the time. Elvis broke out into a cold sweat.


That's All Right was officially released on July 19, 1954. Fewer than twenty thousand copies were sold. It did not chart nationally, but reached #4 in Memphis.


Probably the first cover record of Elvis's That's All Right was by Smiley Maxedon in September 1954 (Columbia 21301). Another cover version was recorded by Marty Robbins (Columbia 21351) in December 1954. Robbins reached #9 on Billboard's country chart and easily outsold Elvis's recording.


Elvis sang That's All Right on his Grand Ole Opry appearance on October 2, 1954, and during his first appearance on the Louisiana Hayride on October 16, 1954. Elvis recorded the song for his 1968 TV special, Elvis, but it was not used. A July 1970 rehearsal of the song at the MGM studios, as well as an August 10, 1970, performance at the International Hotel, were used in the documentary Elvis - That's The Way It Is. The Sun recording was heard on the soundtrack of the 1972 documentary Elvis On Tour. A June 21, 1977, performance at Rapid City, South Dakota, was used in the TV special Elvis in Concert, and a remix of the Sun recording was heard in the 1981 documentary, This Is Elvis.



Well, that's all right, mama

That's all right for you
That's all right, mama, just anyway you do
Well, that's all right, that's all right
That's all right now, mama, anyway you do

Mama she done told me, papa done told me too
"Son, that gal your foolin' with,
She ain't no good for you"
But, that's all right, that's all right
That's all right now, mama, anyway you do

I'm leaving town, baby, I'm leaving town for sure
Well, then you won't be bothered with
Me hanging 'round your door

But that's all right, that's all right
That's all right now, mama, anyway you do

Ah dara dee, dee, deeree, dee, dee, deeree

I need your love and

That's all right, that's all right, mama, anyway you do

Where it was released:

First released on single 


- That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon of Kentucky (Sun 209) July 19, 1954. Standard Sun 78 rpm and 45 rpm release

- That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA 20-6380) November 1955. Standard RCA 78 rpm reissue of the Sun original

- That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA 47-6380) November 1955.Standard RCA 45 rpm reissue of the Sun original

- That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA 447-0601) March 1959. Gold Standard Series reissue

- That's All Right (Mama) / Blue Moon of Kentucky (RCA PB-13891) October 1984. One of six singles in the boxed set Elvis' Greatest Hits - Golden Singles,Volume 2 (RCA PP-13898). The record was pressed on gold vinyl with a special gold "50th" anniversary label.

- No Title (RCA SPD-15) (1956) 
- A Touch of Gold, Volume 2 (1959)  


- For LP Fans Only (1959) 
- For LP Fans Only (1965) 
- Elvis as Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden (1972) 
- Elvis - A Legendary Performer, Volume 1 (1974) 
- The Sun Sessions (1975) 
- Elvis in Concert (1977) 
 Memories of Elvis (1978) 
- Elvis: Memories (1978) 
- Elvis! His Greatest Hits (1979) 
- Elvis as Recorded at Madison Square Garden (1979) 
- This is Elvis (1981)
- Elvis - A Legendary Performer, Volume 4 (1983)
- Elvis - The First Live Recordings (1984)
- Elvis: The Hillbilly Cat (1984)
- The Collection, Volume 1 (1986)
- The Complete Sun Sessions (1987)
- The Great Performances (1990)
- The King of Rock'n'Roll - The Complete 50's Masters (1992) - box set
- An Afternoon in the Garden (1997)
- Classic Elvis (1997)
- Raw Elvis (1997)
- Platinum - A Life in Music (1997) - box set
- Elvis Aron Presley (1998) - box set
- Memories of the '68 Comeback Special (1998)
- A Golden Celebration (1998) - box set
- A Touch of Platinum, Volume 1 (1998)
- Tiger Man (1998)
- Artist of the Century (1999) - box set
- Rock'n'Roll (1999)
- Sun Sessions (1999)
- Sunrise (1999)
- Best of Artist of the Century (2000)
- Elvis 2000: Best of the King (2000)
- Elvis Rockabilly - Millennium Masters (2000)
- Good Rockin' Tonight (2000) - Music Mill
- Live and Unplugeed (2000) - Laserlight
- That's The Way It Is - Special Edition (2000) - box set
- The 50 Greatest Hits (2000)
- One Night in Vegas (2000) - FTD 
- Hayrides and Gambling Halls (2001) - Sonotec
- Live in Las Vegas (2001) - box set
- The Way It Was (2001) - FTD 
- Playing With Fire (2001) - Magnum
- The Hillbilly Cat (2001) - Magnum
- The Best of Elvis Presley (2001)
- 55 Recorded Live at the Louisiana Hayride (2001) - NMC
- Elvis Presley at the Louisiana Hayride / The Original Roots of Elvis Presley (2002) - Charly/Snaper
- Spring Tours '77 (2002) - FTD 
- The Elvis Broadcasts on Air (2002) - Cleopatra
- 2nd to None (2003)
- 2nd to None Silver Edition (2003)
- I Was the One (2003) - Janda
- Elvis at Sun (2004)
- The Impossible Dream (2004) - FTD 
- Elvis Forever - Limited Edition (2004)
- Elvis NBC TV Special - The Vinyl Classics Edition (2005)
- Hitstory (2005)
- Elvis R&B (2006) - Sony
- Made in Memphis (2006) - FTD 
- Rock'n'Roll Hero (2006)
- Southern Nights (2006) - FTD 
- Elvis - The Dutch Collection (2007)
- Elvis - The King (2007)
- Introducing Elvis (2007)
- The Essential Elvis Presley (2007)
- Spankox Re: Versions (2008)
- The Complete '68 Comeback Special (2008)
- The Way It Was (2008) - FTD 
- The Wonder of You (2009) 
- A Minnesota Moment (2010) - FTD 
- Elvis as Recorded at Boston Garden '71 (2010) - FTD 
 Amarillo '77 (2011) - FTD 
 48 Hours to Memphis (2011) - FTD  
 A Boy From Tupelo (2012) - FTD 
 The On Stage Season (2013) - FTD 
 In Florida (2014) - FTD 
- This is Elvis (2015) - FTD 
- Rock Around the Bloch (2015) - FTD 

Bootleg Releases:

- The King of Las Vegas Live (1973) - Hazbin / Wizardo Records

- The Hillbilly "Cat" Live (1974) - Brookville Records

- The King: From the Dark to the Light (1974) - Tiger Records

- Elvis' 1961 Hawaii Benefit Concert (1978) - Golden Archives Records

- The Entertainer (1978) - Rooster Record Company

- The Burbank Sessions, Volume 1 (1979) - Audifon Records

- Cadillac Elvis (1979) - TCB Records

- Eternal Elvis, Volume 2 (1979) - Eagle Records

- The First Year - Recorded Live (1979) - Black Belt Records

- The First Years (1979) - HALW

- The Rockin' Rebel, Volume 2 (1979) - Golden Archives Records

- Special Delivery From Elvis Presley (1979) - Flaming Star Records

- Standing Room Only, Volume 3 (1980) - Eagle Records Corp.

- That's The Way It Is (1980) - Amiga Records


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